Networking for Excellence in Solar Thermal Energy Research


A significant activity of the NESTER project are the 3-day workshops organized by the NESTER partners and which delve into one or two specialised Solar Thermal Energy (STE) Subtopics. 

The workshops are open to established CyI  (Cyprus Institute) researchers, early stage researchers,  graduate and PhD students from CyI as well as other interested researchers from Cyprus.



 Workshop Schedule (subject to change)


Workshop Details

Day 1 Lectures

Day 2 Lectures

Day 3 Lectures

Workshop 1

Dates: 1 - 3 March 2017

Organiser: ENEA

Location: Engineering Faculty  of University of Rome “ La Sapienza”; Rome, Italy

Subject: ENEA's Perspective in the Development of Concentrated Solar Thermal Technologies

Download workshop programme (PDF)

CSP context in Italy; Material and Storage

Small scale system;  solar fuel; Integration and Hybridization

Visit  Casaccia Research Center

Workshop 2

Organiser: CNRS - PROMES

Location: Font Romeu Odeillo, France

Subject: Solar Tower Power Plants

Fluxmetry, calorimetry, pyrometry of high temperature and flux


High temperature receiver review / visit of the 1MW CNRS Solar Furnace and other solar facilities

Selective absorbers / Damage and aging of high temperature materials


Concentrating optics and heliostat field modeling / Visit of the Themis solar tower

Storage in dispersed media / Lecturer from ENEA ?


Heat transfer intensification in surface air receiver / Visit of the small parabolic trough loop Minisun with the thermocline storage

Workshop 3

Organiser: CIEMAT - PSA

Location: Tabernas, Spain

Subject: Solar Desalination

High capacity solar thermal distillation (LT-MED, TVC-MED, ABS-MED)


Low-capacity solar thermal distillation (MD, HDH)

Other solar driven desalination processes (MVC, RO, ED)


Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

CSP + Desalination


CSP + Desalination